Stay legally compliant

Business laws must be followed by your company. Your legal obligations are determined by the nature of your business and its location.


For your own record keeping: internal requirements

You must comply with all internal and external commercial requirements. Almost all of the external requirements are related to the submission of job-related documents or tax payments.

Internal commercial requirements are related to the records of your business. You will have to document the internal compliance of your registered business.

It is possible that you will need them if you decide to sell your business or if you face legal action.

Keep licenses, permits and certifications up to date

After a certain period, some businesses will need to renew their license, permit or certification. Keep these dates in your mind.
Most restaurants, for example, must renew their health and security certifications regularly.
Watersports and street vendor licenses are two other examples.

Laws and regulations

The following laws and regulations are relevant to conducting a business in Aruba:

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