Prepare for emergencies

A disaster can take many forms, and the financial costs of rebuilding after a disaster can be staggering. Being prepared may put you in a better position to recover and continue running your business in the event of a disaster.


Be prepared

Step 1: Assess your risk
Every business has its own set of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. If you know which disasters are most likely to affect your company, you can quickly restore operations. A risk assessment of your company could help you assess the risks of common hazards, like hurricanes, wildfires, flooding and cyber-attacks.

Step 2: Create a plan
Your response plan is your roadmap to recovery, which is why it should be tailored to your company’s needs and operations. It should address immediate needs and be easy to use. A checklist and an online search, for example, could be useful for developing a strategy.

Step 3: Execute your plan
Practice your plan with your employees so that you are prepared in the event of a disaster.

Business continuity plan

You can give your team confidence and help ensure the organization’s continued success by staying calm, working in accordance with your business continuity plan and communicating clearly with your employees and customers.

What are your options in the short term?

Set up a project or crisis team
This will aid in the centralization of information and knowledge about your company’s impact.

Define your critical business processes
Have a plan in place for what will happen if employees are unavailable to carry out these processes, and what options you have for dealing with the situation.

Know your suppliers and clients
If your supplier is unable to meet a deadline for delivering a product to a client, you have enough time to find another supplier who can.

Communicate internally and externally:

  • Internally: to your employees about policy or procedural decisions made by the management.
  • Externally: inform your clients and suppliers that your decisions will have an impact on them as well.

Make it possible for your employees to work from home
Work can be done from home in the event of a disaster or pandemic.

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