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About IDEA / Services


Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano (IDEA), translated in English: (Initiative for the Development of the Aruban Companies), is a Business Development Center that provides assistance and guidance to actual and potential entrepreneurs (SMEs) free of charge. These services are granted to SMEs, whenever they meet challenges for instance basic business knowledge, access to credit, technology, marketing, and different existing regulations.


To assist SMEs by providing them with comprehensive information and guidance to create new, different and innovative business activities.


Our mission is to inform, guide and educate potential or existing entrepreneurs in order to make their business a successful one. All this contributes to the realization of sustainable development in the commercial sector to increase the productivity and efficiency of entrepreneurs. This increase will lead to higher productivity and a healthy labor market.


The primary goal of IDEA is to stimulate the next generation of SMEs in Aruba and to strengthen economic growth by supporting policies and assisting businesses to recover and develop during and after COVID-19 through guidance, training and promotion.


Guidance and information

IDEA assists SMEs by providing comprehensive information and guidance from the beginning and during the process of opening a business.

IDEA grants the following information:

  • Basic knowledge of business
  • Steps of how to start and register a business
  • Different existing regulation
  • Financing information
  • Tax information
  • Marketing
  • Business Plan


IDEA monitors its clients in case they need assistance in resolving the bottlenecks and/or adjustments to their commercial strategy.


Through workshops, webinars, and business courses IDEA provides the starters and existing entrepreneurs with the necessary information and guidance for a successful business.

Here are some workshops and webinars topics, IDEA has organized:

  • Agripreneurship
  • Kidspreneurship
  • Youthpreneurship
  • Silver Entrepreneurship (60+)
  • Women Entrepreneurship

Course ‘Empresario Prepara I y II’

Since 2012 IDEA has been organizing annually during the months, April through July the course for entrepreneurs named “Empresario Prepara”. During this course, the participants receive very important lessons and information about ‘how to start and manage a business’.
This course is presented by professionals. The course of Empresario Prepara is divided into two parts: Empresario Prepara I + II.

Empresario Prepara I:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Human Rights & Business)
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Marketing
  • Business Plan
  • Business Law
  • Small Business Administration

Empresario Prepara II:

  • Small Business Tax
  • Create a Culture of Innovation
  • Developing Brand Awareness for Customer Satisfaction
  • Leadership and Management

At the end of each module, the participants will do an exam and will have to deliver their business plan. If the participant succeeds in the course (minimum 5.5 final) he/she will receive a certificate.
This course is offered twice a week from 7:00 pm to 9:15 pm. The course is in Papiamento, while the materials can be presented in Dutch or English.


IDEA collaborates to organize different conferences together with their stakeholders and also has organized conferences such as:

  • Small Business Event (in the years: 2012-2017-2018)
  • ESER Conference (European Social Economy Regions 2018)
  • Aruba Investment Summit 2021


IDEA has participated in different projects to stimulate entrepreneurship in the community and grow local businesses.
Some partners of IDEA are: COSME group, DPL, CEDEHM, KvK, Bureau Traimerdia (afterschool program), EPI, DIMP, SVB, DVG, DOW, DIP, The Customs Department, Telefon pa Hubentud, Fundacion Desaroyo Comunitario, Stichting Ja IK Aruba, Santa Rosa, Action Coach, ARINA, Exprodesk, Museum Archeologico Aruba, The Central Bank of Aruba, I am Jeremy, the University of Aruba and Qredits.


IDEA makes use the digital platforms, to offer entrepreneurial education in a larger capacity. Since 2020, we have started to organize webinars, courses, and conferences internationally on digital platforms.

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