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Company name (+297) Telephone E-mail
AFS Aruba Freight Systems 5825382 [email protected]
Aruba Global Logistics 5857331 [email protected]
Aruba International Forwarders 5821274 [email protected]
Aruba International Relocations 5836652 [email protected]
Amerijet 5826000 [email protected]
Ashley Broker 5821793 [email protected]
B C S Cargo Services 5861500 [email protected]
Bon Bini Cargo Services/ Flamingo International Incorporated/ Cargo International Services 5237900 [email protected]
Cavalier logistics Aruba 5887222 [email protected]
Complete Logistics 5824912 [email protected]
Easy Cargo Aruba, Logistics & Enterprises 5836350 [email protected]
Elvis Cargo 5834091 [email protected]
E.M. Cargo is your Connexion 5855421 [email protected]
Fast Delivery Services/UPS Express   [email protected]
Gasa International 5824625 [email protected]
G.P. Cargo Services N.V 5828344 [email protected]
G/T Cargo Services 5837251 [email protected]
Inter-Island Transport, Import & Export 5859931 [email protected]
Juvercargo 5833954 [email protected]
Land Seair Cargo 5827215/5829284 [email protected]
Mastercargo N.V. 5237923 [email protected]
Maxor Sea & Freight 5828616 [email protected]
M.M. Worldwide Services 5840251 [email protected]
Ocean-Air Express(Aruba) 5859233 [email protected]
Omega Trading 5848000 [email protected]
Procusta 5826629 [email protected]
Roos Sea Services & Enterprises 5826330 [email protected]
RRR Cargo Services 5882268 [email protected]
R & P Freight Services 5867674 [email protected]
Ruiz Import, Export & Consultancy   [email protected]
Seaview Investments 5868873 [email protected]
S.E.L. Maduro & Sons (Aruba) 5822300 [email protected]
Ace Cargo Service 5838299 [email protected]
Swa So Import & Export 5827933 [email protected]
Swissport Cargo Services 5822470 [email protected]
Toy Cargo & Courier Services


[email protected]
Verina Trading Company 5848000 [email protected]
Vicari Trading N.V 5882889 [email protected]
Stripes Freight Services 5216610 [email protected]
Super Cargo Services 5878919 [email protected]
Alba Transport Management Aruba 5865115 [email protected]
Hermes Cargo 5887775 [email protected]
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